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For Art


‘I cant do this any more, Dick. I’m not that person -the affair.’

‘I ended it, Tim. I choose you. You’re not-…I choose you, ok?’

Oh man, I seriously just need to flail all over the place for just a moment.

And then promptly sob.

Thank-you sooooo very much! 

Just, babiessss. I love how this came out. I really, absolutely do. It’s stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, all of those words. ALL OF THEM.

The way Dick’s hands are in in Tim’s hair, clutching onto him, not letting him go until he’s said and done everything he has to say and do. His desperation to get Tim to believe him. His body language leads me to think that he’s about to put everything he’s ever felt for Tim into this kiss. His eyes, gah. Just they scream ‘please, please believe me Tim.’

And Tim, the position of his hands. One holding Dick at bay, while the other appears to be reflexively trying to grip on, like it’s against his better judgement. All his control, about to break, because really, there’s nothing more he could possibly want than to believe Dick. To think that he can have this. But his fears and insecurities telling him ‘you’ll just get hurt and it will be irreparable.’.  You can see trepidation with his body. The way his body is arched away from Dick’s. ;A;

And just, this scene is says so much. The rain. They’re soaking wet, and no coats or anything. Gahh just really beautiful.

The fabric, the way it’s clinging and their wet hair, shining in the light. The droplets  falling down their face aaa such small amazing details that pull everything together. ;3;

I just… I could stare at this forever.

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