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We all know who you secretly like. Yes you. *Induces paranoia*



Dick: Mmm, let me think… Damian is still too young for that kind of stuff - or at least I hope so - and I know for sure whom Jason likes… Which means… Oh, Tiiiiimmy! <3 Want to share something with your big brother? <333 

Tim: N-not really…

Dick: You’re blushing.

Tim: … Why don’t you just go and see how Damian is doing? He has a new pet…

Haha Dick, what a dweeb.


Um… here have a random fic that just sprang up. Not much to say except, rain, capes, and a quiet moment between vigilante brothers?

The rain pelts down hard onto the crouching figure hidden in the shadows of Gotham. The figure, Robin, aka Timothy Drake, tightens his cape further around himself. His mouth curves down into a frown as he can feel the product from his hair begin to melt away from the torrential rain. Really, he should just go home.

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Finally it’s done and my wrist thanks.

I’d love to do more things like this if my writing skills weren’t so bad and cheesy, I apologize for that.

Ahhh this is amazing~!


This fic references the events of the Black Mirror, which is one of my favourite Dick!Bats stories, and if y’all haven’t read it, you totally should. (Detective Comics 871-874) 

Anyway, always wanted to do a something with Tim comforting Dick during that time, so here we are.

Dick heaved a long sigh as he stepped out of the bat-mobile. He was quick to pull off his cowl and ran a hand through his hair. The night had been longer than it should have been. Despite his words to contrary he was still suffering the effects from the poison gas courtesy of the Mirror House.

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Not So Quick

But of course m’lady~

Mortification. Pure and utter mortification was how Timothy Drake was about to die, of that he was certain. Nightwing, who had moved to Tim’s side simply slapped the teen wonder on the shoulder before he took off leaving the boy alone with the commissioner. Well, the embarrassment was because of him in the first place, so really Tim shouldn’t be surprised.

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DickTim (Underwater kiss or a kiss with a fist and then some tongue action cause those two together just sound funny; whichever is up to you). BTW, I miss seeing your stuff on my dash :(

Ah I know I haven’t posted a whole lot of fics in the past year, but uh, hopefully I have a little more to show for this one. ^^

You Got Me

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